This easy to use and full-featured assessment module that gives your firm what’s needed to create the assessments, appraisals, evalutions and reviews you need to provide the timely, relevant and actionable feedback to your employees that drives performance and engagement.

  • Self-assessments
  • Engagement evaluations
  • Midyear and Annual Reviews
  • Multi-rater evaluations
  • Upwards and skip-level evaluations
  • Project based assessments
  • Use for Training, Onboarding, Coaching, and anything else you need…

This easy to use module provides the toolset and features that your partially allocated administrator can use to build the completely customizable solutions you’ll need

  • Choose who should receive feedback from who.  Control when and how the feedback is shared.
  • Use our form builder to choose what feedback is needed.
  • Create custom rating scales, or no ratings at all
  • Use the feedback style that fits best – and put it in the format you want
  • Choose the people you want to evaluate, who you want to evaluate them, and if you want someone to review things before they are approved.
  • Easily implement assessments for standard corporate hierachies, completely cross-matrixed organizations, and multi-rater situations. Anyone in the system can be set to evaluate or receive an evaluation from anyone.
  • Control when and how the feedback is shared.
  • Choose when and how the results are shared.