Pricing is by annual subscription. Training and onboarding help/consulting included.

Up to 30 employees

annual subscription

31 to 250 employees

annual subscription

Over 250 Users

annual subscription

What's Included

The entire Quickalytics Performance Management Suite
  • The assessments, coaching, goals, 360º degree, reporting, users, and configuration and customization modules.
  • You decide which modules to use with single-click turning on / off options.
  • Extensive Libraries, Managers and Monitors to keep track of all items and activities.
  • Communications center for complete email customization options.
  • Form Builder for custom creating the forms that work for your organization.
  • Custom rating scales.
  • Custom Fields for ‘tagging’ both assessments and users leading to extensive filtering capabilities for the Reports, libraries, manager, and monitors.
  • No-touch sync capabilities for keeping your users ‘synced’ to your external systems via spreadsheet upload.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities. Using the different reporting formats, combined with the extensive filtering capabilities, you have reporting that goes way beyond documenting the assessments. It’s an easy to use data-mining capability to see trends, see organization wide views, build promotion/termination cases, and provide bias checks across multiple evaluators.
Implementation Kits and Guides for all the Initiatives
  • Continuous Performance management.
  • Engagement evaluations.
  • Multi-rater reviews.
  • Coaching programs.
  • Collaborative team goals.
  • Individual career progression goal programs.
  • 360 degree assessments.
Full access to your customized support center
  • Includes training videos and materials customized for your implementation and firm approach so you can do what you need to when you need to.
  • Video demos, training and quick start guides, initiative implementation guides, feature step by step presentations.
  • support blog which includes release notes on the bi-weekly releases.
Excellent Local Support
  • Both phone and email
Constant Updates and Improvements
  • iweekly behind-the-scenes updates add capabilities, improve the existing one, and takes care of any issues than come up.
Secure, cloud based platform with 24/365 availability
  • Email whitelisting and reputation -rotection with SendGrid.
  • Secure, managed hosting with Rackspace with malware and virus scanning, backups, and constant performance monitoring.
  • 3-tiered architecture for performance, security and quick recovery capability should we need it.
  • Extensive logging both at the server level, and in the application itself - from logins to individual activity.