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What makes Quickalytics perfect

For CPA Firms?


How do you ensure that you attract, engage, develop and manage your people effectively? CPA firms need their performance management solution to be worth the time invested. Minimizing the effort needed and maximizing the results achieved is a start. Providing the essential features of an enterprise system engineered into an agile platform that provides the flexibility and adaptability to customize the solutions needed today helps more. Seamlessly integrating into your existing workflows and business cycles, requiring no employee training, and being simple enough to be centrally managed by a single part-time administrator increases user adoption and focuses their involvement on value added efforts.  Having all of this provided in an affordable, secure, cloud-based solution makes it perfect.

  • Easy To Use

    How easy is it? If your employees and managers can receive and email and click on a link in that email, they’re trained and ready for Quickalytics. With our completely email driven workflows that contain a secure, auto-login click into their assessment (and dashboard), that’s all that’s needed to access their goals, assessments, coaching documents, etc. This overcomes one of the biggest hurdles to user adoption.

  • Seamless

    Frictionless feedback. When you ask someone to provide feedback, especially the kind of feedback that’s worth the time - you need to make it easy to provide it. Ask for the right feedback at the right time in the right way. Our easy to administer options allow the admin to pick the right combinations for each circumstance your company has. One size does NOT fit all circumstances.

  • Flexible

    The answer always needs to be yes. Need to run 6 different initiatives all at the same time for different departments? Yes you can. Need to accommodate feedback across dynamically changing teams? Yes you can. Want a report that compares the results from quarter to quarter, year over year and that aggregates nicely the results of 25 individual performance snapshots. Yes you can. Want a report that shows the progression of a promotion candidate over several different initiatives? Yes you can. Custom forms, custom timetables, custom communications - all controlled by you. Easily.

So, What Exactly is Quickalytics?

Quickalytics is a full-featured continuous performance management platform that increases employee engagement through timely, relevant feedback. Designed from the ground up to work the way lean professional service firms do, it’s a practical, effective solution for today’s firms. Affordable, secure, cloud-based and always available, you have the perfect solution. Constant (usually bi-weekly) behind the scenes updates keep making it better - our own continuous improvement loop. Get your employees the feedback they need to succeed. Friction less feedback, seamless integration, powerful options, and the flexibility to adapt to as things change. This is what your firm needs in a performance management platform.


Looking to upgrade your Performance Management software? Move your process online? Add a Performance Management process to your organization? Quickalytics has the suite of tools you’ll need, the ease of use and flexibility to integrate seamlessly, and expert local support at an affordable price.