Quickalytics™ - A new kind of Performance Management system

Quickalytics™ delivers higher quality performance feedback, with less overall effort. Leveraging emerging trends in coaching, mentoring, goal setting, and frequent feedback, Quickalytics™ integrates seamlessly into your everyday work environment, providing the visibility, documentation and analysis needed from a performance management system.


Effortlessly measure management effectiveness, in field performance, and performance across dynamic teams, multiple supervisors and cross-matrixed reporting lines.  Provide self, single manager, and multi-source input on a periodic, per project and formal reporting period basis.  Print, share, and store the results with one-click reports that provides both powerful individual and organizational views.


Easy to use, powerfully flexible in its capabilities and amazingly efficient to administer, click the Contact Us button to see how Quickalytics can start working for you.

Exceptional Evaluations

Actively manage your employees with timely, relevant, actionable feedback, and allow them to constantly evolve their performance.  Meanwhile, view ongoing snapshots to maintain visibility on how business is being conducted to ensure success. 


Amazingly Efficient

From one-minute custom assessment launches to one-click report creation, Quickalytics™ dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to administer a performance management system that measures what you need and when you need it.


Bottom Line Impact

Reduce the time and effort needed to implement your performance management initiatives.  Increase the quality and impact of the results.  Benefit from increased alignment, higher productivity, and better overall service to your customers.